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Be Intentional About the Relationships that Matter

Show up for Yourself and Others

Meet Leslie

If you ask her, Leslie will tell you that she is becoming. She is a life-learner in the truest sense. She is an award-winning educator, a community organizer, founder of Kid Cultivators Homeschool Community, an intentional community for homeschooling and unschooling families in the Atlanta metro area.  Leslie has been a life-learning coach, assisting families to create, plan and execute home learning practices for and with their children.  She is the first Presence Counselor with the Raising Free People Network, offering guidance to parents looking to do the personal leadership work involved in deschooling.  She is also a community mentor, creative, healer, photographer, partner, mother, and most importantly, owner of herself.


What I Specialize In

Parenting on Purpose

Life-Learning Coaching

Intentional Living Coaching

Self-Care Support

Intentional Community Mentorship

We make the path by walking....

My whole self looked forward to Leslie's sessions, I felt safe and held by her experience, wisdom and soothing tone. It's incredible to be in the presence of change culture leaders, it's not only inspiring but deeply validating and reassuring. Thank-you for the gift of being seen and heard and encouraged, thank-you for sharing some of the wisdom that comes from walking a path you've worked so hard at carving out. 

- Essie R.

If you find yourself overwhelmed with the idea of homeschooling…do yourself a favor and pay for a Presence Counseling session! 

I promise that you’ll walk away feeling confident, less stressed, and ready to take control of your family’s homeschooling journey, whatever that may look like!

- Kelly R

Leslie was a large support to me during my homeschooling journey... and when we decided to return to traditional schooling. She has aided me with keeping a healthy big picture outlook, and at the same time given me practical tools to support my children in their education. I have recommended her wisdom to many, and know that they have been grateful to be connected to her. I love her holistic perspective!!! 

- Dr. Kel H

P.O.U.R. Podcast

Purposely Opening Up to Relationships that's what The POUR Podcast will focus on. We cannot pour from empty cups. Who is pouring into you? Who are you pouring into? Join these intentional intergenerational conversations. 

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