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What People Are Saying

"Leslie is amazing! There just isn't any other way to say it. Each time I speak with her I leave with a new way of seeing things. My family is slowly making our transition into a more liberated way of being and her guidance has been phenomenal. Invest in yourself and your family. You will not be disappointed."

— Kathy M.

"Our family is new to this whole 'unschooling' thing. I've done a lot of research but needed guidance. Leslie is offering me a clear way that I can move with my children as we learn this new life. She really listens to what I'm saying and offers me such good insight. I always leave our sessions feeling empowered."

— Terri E.

"I took a recommendation from a friend to set up some time with Leslie. I'm so glad I did. Leslie is a wealth of knowledge and experience. She offered me such good insight on how to adjust my thinking with homeschooling my children. I didn't think I was interested in unschooling but understanding what it really is has opened my eyes. Now on to the real work of deschooling. I'm keeping her as a coach through this process."

— Selena P.


"Leslie has offered me daily practices for remaining centered when dealing with my children. I'm not perfect at this by any means but I am getting better about returning to my calm. I'm seeing how this affects my family as a whole. The sessions I had with her have greatly benefited us all." 

— Tonya B.

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Stressed Woman

"Being intentional is hard work. There is so much I do without even thinking about it. Thank you, Leslie, for giving me tools to remain present with my children."

-- Kim T.

"I had the pleasure of working with Leslie recently and her presence is one of compassion and gentle intention. Among many things, she is an intentional living coach and she is living her craft. I continue to learn a lot from her... you'll want to check her out."

— Erin H.

Community Mentoring

Leslie's contribution to our intentional community has been multifaceted. For eighteen months she provided monthly sessions that were full of insight. She knows how to ask the right questions of people so that we can center in on our own wisdom and truth. Leslie is willing to provide real life examples of where she has applied her principles to her community -- so important when people are at the early  stages of community building. But even more than the content, it is Leslie's grounding presence that has helped us stay anchored in our intention. In a busy and loud world it's so refreshing to find someone who walks the talk and is willing to walk beside others. Thank you Leslie!

~Lucy A

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