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About Intentional Living

Intentional Living is making the decision each and every day to live the life you desire. It's in the simple choices, the little steps. It means examining each individual aspect of your life and asking yourself whether it's serving you well. It's deciding to live on purpose and making all the necessary adjustments to do so wholeheartedly.

Intentional Living Personal Coaching

Living on purpose means knowing your whys and being happy with your answers. It's being able to identify the many parts of yourself and embracing them. It's creating practices that assist you in moving towards the mindset, the feeling, the people, and spaces you want in your life. It's about setting boundaries that promote personal health and care. It's also the work of unlearning the ways that have negatively impacted your life.

These one-on-one sessions are designed for persons looking to do a deep dive into personal leadership work. The work of identifying and naming, processing, adjusting,  and creating. Schedule your 15-minute Intro Chat today to begin this process.

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Life-Learning Coaching

What does it mean to live intentionally within a family? How do I start homeschooling? What does unschooling look like? How can I be more present with my children? If you've ever wondered any of these or variations of these questions before, this is the session for you!

Life-learning looks different for each family. Finding your rhythm and harmony takes intentionality.  These sessions offer guidance and support for families looking to find better ways of being together while learning. This includes both homeschooling and unschooling families.

Self Care Support

Self care is critical for your well-being. It's essential actually. You cannot show up for others if you are unable to show up for yourself.

There are a lot of options out there for quick fixes and stop-gaps that are marketed off as self-care. 

A support session with Leslie will offer you not only insight and options but tools in figuring out just what your self care practice should look like so that it's filling you up, not just filling up your time.


Intentional Community Mentorship

We all need community. There are those of us who have been called to create, lead, cultivate and support intentional community. This takes foresight, self-awareness and the willingness to show-up for and with others. 

Leslie offers skillful and experienced support for community leaders and organizers. You can book a one-time conversation with her or something that is on-going.


Book your consultation today and ask about the different packages she offers to those looking for on-going mentorship.

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